Mining and opencast mining

Extend service life of machine components in mining and opencast mining

Components in equipment used in mining and opencast mining (bucket wheel excavators for example) are subject to places extreme stress. Bucket wheel excavators are among the largest and most spectacular excavators in the world, and can achieve a daily output of 240,000 cubic meters. The driver swivels the top carriage left or right in an angle from 45 to 90 degrees; as he does so the bucket wheel turns either clockwise or anticlockwise, picking up soil or coal in the process. The material is then carried upwards through 180 degrees until it reaches the wear rails (a 45-degree ramp / slide in the bucket wheel discharge chute). The material is then gravity-fed onto the conveyor, which transports it to the lower carriage. From there it drops a few meters further onto a second conveyer belt which leads to the loader.

Products and applications

  • Buckets

  • Bucket blades

  • Bucket corners

  • Ring chute

  • Discharge chute

  • Side chute

  • Counter chute

  • Conveyor chute

  • Ring brackets

  • Scraper bar

  • Chain link (track plate)

  • Bucket chain excavators

  • Single-bucket excavators

  • Surface miners

  • Conveyor belt

  • Train

  • SKW miners

  • Direct dumping

  • Stackers

  • SKW

  • Train dumpers

Other equipment also suffers wear, including: scrapers, diggers and bulldozers, wheel-loaders, hydraulic excavators.

Bucket wheel excavators undergo enormous loads, causing significant component wear.

We make a thorough analysis of your wear problem, prepare a verified diagnosis and develop proposals for improving the parts which are subject to wear. We then work with you to select the VAUTID material which will best ensure these parts have an extended service life, from significantly increased resistance to wear, corrosion or heat. Everything is focused on reducing your wear costs.