Quarries, sand and gravel works

Extend service life of machine components in quarries, sand and gravel works

The process flow starts with the mining of the mineral. This is usually achieved by blasting, followed by rubble disposal. The usable stone is then transported to the preparation plant where the feed product is crushed using crushers or mills and,if necessary, classified using screens or sifters. With some exceptions, the final products are construction materials which are subdivided according to their grain size into: crushed sand, grit, crushed stone, railway ballast and water engineering stones. If necessary, these construction materials are further processed to manufacture (for example) concrete or asphalt.

By contrast, it is true that in a gravel works construction materials are both obtained and prepared on the same site; however in this case, a loose sediment deposit of gravel and sand is minded by excavation. Despite many similarities between a quarry and an opencast mining operation, a mine is only generally used if ores, coal, salt or other usually high value materials are being removed.

Products and applications

  • Borers for holes for explosive

  • Excavator buckets

  • Excavator shovels

  • Loader shovels

  • Truck load surfaces

  • Elevators

  • Slides

  • Transfer points

  • Cone crushers

  • Jaw crushers

  • Hammer mills

  • Impact mills

  • Sieves

  • Log washers

  • Sand washers

  • Sifters

  • Screw conveyors

  • Gravel pumps

  • Loader shovels

Machinery installed in quarries, sand and gravel works undergoes wear in many areas.

We make a thorough analysis of your wear problem, prepare a verified diagnosis and develop proposals for improving the parts which are subject to wear. We then work with you to select the VAUTID material which will best ensure these parts have an extended service life, from significantly increased resistance to wear, corrosion or heat. Everything is focused on reducing our wear costs.