Glass industry

Extend service life of machine components in the glass industry

Recycling bottles and broken glass has a long tradition and has now become highly mechanized and automated. Even in the early days of glass recycling, VAUTID was the first point of contact for operators wanting to increase the service life of machines and systems.

Today as in the past, when it comes to reducing downtime and maintenance costs by extending equipment life, VAUTID is your expert partner.

The sheer breadth of our technologies and materials enables VAUTID to provide customers with definitive solutions.

  • Welding edges with the highest quality VAUTID electrodes and/or VAUTID cored wires.

  • Large area wear protection using VAUTID composite wear plates with precisely fitting sections or fabrications made from them.

  • Mixing and crushing tools from the versatile VAUTID's versatile chilled iron range.

  • Flexible onsite coating service with VAUTID deposition welding materials.

  • VAUTID hard materials tackle the most severe wear conditions.

  • Baffle plates covered with VAUTID plastics provide noise reduction.