Wear Resistant Metal Plates

Wear Resistant Plates
Engineered for Durability

Wear-resistant plates contain either or is in combinations of the following properties:
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Temperature Resistant

Made Tough for Wide
Industrial Applications

Material for making wear-resistant components, parts, and machinery:
  • Asphalting industry
  • Brickworks
  • Cement industry
  • Coal-fired power stations
  • Concrete industry
  • Glass industry
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Mining and opencast mining
  • Protection of the environmental
  • Quarries, sand and gravel works
  • Recycling industry
  • Waste incineration

Plate Specifications

Plate Size:
Up to 2200 x 3000 mm
Hardfacing Thickness:
Up to 15 mm