Coal-fired power stations

Extend service life of machine components in coal-fired power stations

There are many opportunities for using wear-protected materials in coal-fired power stations.

Due to the increased use of imported coals and / or secondary fuels, the gross calorific value has deteriorated whilst the demand for energy has increased. To run at full load, operators must make maximum use of available technologies. The objective of using wear-resistant materials is to maximize output and minimize downtime, by extending the intervals between outages.

Products and applications

  • Hopper lining

  • Slides

  • Chutes

  • Transition points

  • Plate conveyor metering hopper

  • Deflectors

  • Drive chain conveyors

  • Bucket chain conveyors

  • Stacking equipment

  • Hammer or impact mills

  • Bowl mills

  • Tube mills

  • Beater wheel mills

  • Transport lines

  • Pipes

  • Bends

  • Coal dust agitators

  • Sifters

  • Coal dust branches

  • Scraper conveyor slag removers

  • Wear brackets for slag removal chain

  • Slides

  • Ash line

  • Ash silo

Components of machines installed in these areas suffer significant wear.

We make a thorough analysis of your wear problem, prepare a verified diagnosis and develop proposals for improving the parts which are subject to wear. We then work with you to select the VAUTID material which will best ensure these parts have an extended service life, from significantly increased resistance to wear, corrosion or heat. Everything is focused on reducing your wear costs.