Wear Resistant Wear Plates

Vautid Wear Plates

Composite wear plates, for reliable, all-purpose wear protection

VAUTID composite wear plates can be individually installed and are extremely long-lasting.

VAUTID products employ efficient technologies to help extend the service life of system and machine parts subject to heavy loads. Universal composite wear plates provide robust wear protection and ensure low wear costs over the long term.

The three decisive benefits:

  • Highly wear-resistant, giving extended service life

  • Hard-surface layer to suit the application

  • Easily installed using simple fastening

VAUTID composite wear plates are produced by a special deposition welding method. This uses a very high fusion power and minimizes combination with the base material. The wear plates can be plasma cut and hot or cold formed to drawing specifications, as with simple structural steels. They can be fixed by bolting, welding on the back, or any other standard fabrication procedure.

VAUTID composite wear plates can be ordered in four ways:

  • By plate dimensions, layer thickness ratio, and base material specification

  • Plates cut to size

  • Formed plates

  • Installation-ready fabrications

VAUTID composite wear plates are available with hardfacing made of VAUTID 100, VAUTID 143, VAUTID 145, VAUTID 150, VAUTID 200 and VAUTID 300.

VAUTID composite wear plates are used where wear protection is desired as a feature of an unsupported fabrication. Typically, this will involve large surface areas which are under high mechanical load and require great operational reliability. Examples include: screens, hopper linings, vibration conveyors, fan impellers, casings, mixers, cyclone separators, and sifters.

With its extensive product portfolio designed for a wide variety of individual wear issues, VAUTID is the world‘s leading specialist in comprehensive wear protection.



Concrete industry

Metallurgical industry

Cement industry

Coal-fired power stations

Quarries, sand and gravel works

Waste incineration

Mining and opencast mining

Recycling industry

Protection of the environmental

Glass industry


Asphalting industry

Fields of application

VAUTID composite wear plates are used where wear protection is desired as a self-supporting structure on large surface areas with no supporting substructure.

They guarantee maximum operational reliability, even under high mechanical load.

Sample applications include:

  • Strainers

  • Hopper linings

  • Vibration conveyors

  • Fan impellers

  • Casings

  • Mixers

  • Cyclone separators

  • Sifters


  • VAUTID composite wear plates are wear-proof and long-lasting.

  • The hard-surface layer can be made to suit the specific application.

  • The plates are also easily installed through back-side welding or bolting.

  • Composite plates are available in a variety of dimensions and qualities.

  • Plates can be cut to size to conform to drawings and heated or cooled to attain the desired shape.

  • Extremely cost-effective and fast wear solutions in a wide variety of applications and industries.