Screening Technologies

Hammel Screening Technologies

Separate recycled materials with efficient precision

HAMMEL screen separates ferrous or non-ferrous materials to standard or custom fraction sizes.

All HAMMEL screens are designed for high throughput performances and precision. It requires very little maintenance. The material separations are tailored accordingly to standard or custom requirements. The HAMMEL screens are built tough against any climate or conditions.

The mobile solution!

Mobile HAMMEL screens are exceptionally built to separate various form of materials. Robust, reliable and at the same time easy to operate, the Hammel screens are an ideal addition to the HAMMEL Primary Shredder. The combination makes it possible to produce clean end products out of rubbish.

Offload, on and go!

The screens are attached on a stable hook lift frame with wheel axle. This enables quick transport from one location to the other.

After the offload and positioning of all the discharge belts, the machine can be switched on with a mode switch or with an optional remote control. Only one person is required to operate the machine. This saves high labour costs.

One step – 3 results

In only one working step, you can screen up to three fractions. Each screen consists of one or two one screen decks located on top of each other without compromising high throughput requirements and performances. The material is either put directly into the hopper of the screen, or as pre-shredded material discharged from the primary shredder onto the loading bunker. The produced oversized grain is ideal for various thermal combustive applications and processes. The undersized grain can be reused as composting or filling material.

The stationary version

Not always is mobility the first priority! More often special demands on the final product are the main consideration. As example, special defined grain sizes without mineral deposits and gross caloric value are required for chip board manufacturers or combustors.

Until the final product becomes recyclable, a lot of processing steps are necessary. Therefore, the stationary screening technology can be integrated into the processing plants to suit these requirements.

Intelligently designed, the system is constructed to offer individual screen deck with optional working widths of either 1.50 m or 2 m. The screen deck varies in length. The deck comes with the length option of 3 m, 4.50 m or 6 m.

It cleans itself

All screen segments are equipped with a cleaning system or have a self-cleaning function. This prevents the coiling of long stranded materials, like foil or textiles.

Classic or custom fraction size

Apart from classical requested screening fractions, single fractions can be fitted to your requirements or can be combined with each other.

Classic fractions:

Wood Material:

  • 0 - 10 mm

  • 0 - 30 mm

  • 0 - 120 mm

Waste Material:

  • 0 - 40 mm

  • 0 - 80 mm

Spoilt for choice

Suitable screening technology is chosen based on the input material and demands on the final product:

  • Tyre Screen: Suitable for the screening big materials in commercial and industrial waste as well C & D waste.

  • Drum Screen: Applicable for stones, soil, industrial and commercial waste, domestic waste and bulky waste with changeable, fraction-defining screen segments.

  • Roller Screen: Suitable for the screening of waste wood and mulch fine screening of mineral parts, like sand, dust, etc.

  • Disc Screen:

    • Star-/Steel disc: Suitable for wood, biomass and green waste.

    • Octagon disc: For efficient screening of domestic-, bulky-, commercial and industrial waste.

    • Plastic disc: For fine processing of wood, biomass, waste.

No matter what material you like to process, with the HAMMEL screening technologies it will be a clean case!


Screening Technologies

HS 1500: Wood

MMS 150: Metal

HZ 52: Municipal solid waste

Fields of application

Metal separation and / or screens materials to standard or custom fraction sizes:

  • Pallets

  • Waste wood

  • Construction wood

  • Demolition wood

  • Green waste

  • Biomass

  • Domestic waste

  • Commercial waste

  • Industrial waste

  • bulky waste

  • Light metal scrap

  • White goods

  • C & D waste


  • Light construction.

  • High mobility.

  • Robust construction.

  • Extremely easy to use.

  • Short start-up time.

  • Fast inter-changeable screen decks.

  • Customized to desired final grain size.

  • Further customization.

  • High throughput performances.

  • Special cleaning system.