Wear Protective Products & Services

Engineering parts to increase durability and lifespan.

We specialise in prolonging the lifespan of heavy duty mechanical parts prone to wear and tear. An application analysis is conducted with the customer to draw out customised solutions for each and every single needs. This includes fabricating, refurbishing, repairing and layering of protective coatings for the parts concerned.

Hardfacing is carried out in our welding shop or at your site, by our specialist deposition welding personnels. You can send us your parts and we will hardface them, or we will send you our specialist team to coat the worned out parts.

Our products includes toughened spare parts for various machineries and industrial usage.

To better understand how our engineering services can benefit you and your company, kindly contact us for wear consultations!

We specialize in wear resistant coating, hardfacing services, refurbishment, re-design and wear consultation services.

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