Evashred Tyre Debeader

This tyre debeader allows you to prepare your passenger car and light truck tyres for shredding. Powered by either an electric or petrol motor for stationary or mobile use, it has a maximum pulling strength of 44 tons.

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Technical Data1

4 kW (5 Hp) Electric or Petrol Motor
Maximum 44 tonne pulling strength


1,300 mm
2,400 mm
1,050 mm
900 kg

Design Characteristics

  • Folded steel base plate.
  • 10 mm carriage plate body, steel castors with greased bushes.
  • 150 mm I-beam carriage travel section welded to base.
  • 20 mm plate steel with diagonal pull plate supports.
  • 6.75" OD 3 stage return main hydraulic ram cylinder.
  • 1300 mm stroke length.

Throughput Capacity3

60 - 80 beads per hour.


  • 7.5 kW (10 Hp) electric or petrol motor.
  • 30 seconds full stroke speed.
  • Specially designed bead slot.
  • Maximum 44 ton pulling strength.
  • Steel castor load transfer carriage.
  • Hydraulic bead holder.
  • Safety cage.
  • Electronic on / off controls.

  1. Data provided are approximate values. Please refer to the latest brochure for the exact values.
  2. Technical drawing is for illustration of dimensions. It does not represent the actual appearance. Please refer to the site's images as reference.
  3. Performance until approximate value.