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Bulk Material Handling and Storage Specialist

Leading technology for difficult to handle bulk materials.

SHW constantly develops products to meet the exacting demands of customers. Experience gained over many years enables SHW to offer the most efficient and cost effective solutions.

SHW is a leading bulk materials handling and storage machinery manufacturer. SHW undertakes complete turnkey projects including the design, manufacture and supply.

Feed and discharge, transport and storage

Process engineering for difficult to handle bulk materials requires particularly robust solutions. The characteristics such as chemical composition, material surface, abrasion resistance and the complex flow behaviour of the material require the use of especially robust materials.

The planning and realisation of such installation therefore requires a high degree of experience in bulk material handling. In this way it is possible to get the best solution with the added benefit of a substantial cost reduction.

The long-time experience gained in the handling of different bulk materials allows us to deliver reliable and efficient working installations.

SHW-SHS is one of the leading specialists for difficult to handle bulk materials offering proven solutions for different materials: wet and dry wood flakes, sander dust, bark, diverse fuels, cellulose, filter cake, fibres, secondary and alternative fuels (EBS, BRAM, "yellow bag", SBS), paper waste, (REA-) gypsum, all kind of sludges (sewage sludge, industry sludge, coal sludge), domestic waste, biomass, animal meals etc.

Customer-specific solutions with proven standard products

Our extensive product range covers all the handling phases of difficult to handle bulk materials:

  • Reception

  • Storage

  • Transport

  • Processing

  • Metering

For each phase we have developed processes, technologies and components which have been proven over many years in a wide variety of industries. They are well known for their reliability.

  • Rotor systems

  • U-tube

  • Rotating screws

  • Oscillating frames

  • Sliding frames

  • Eccentric frames

  • Live bottoms

  • Screw conveyors

  • Receiving dosing device

  • Circular / rectangular silos

  • Chain conveyors

  • Bucket elevator

  • Disc screen

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metal separator

  • Rotary valves

  • Stuffing screws

On the basis of our proven products we also supply standard components which we have adjusted to our customers requirements. We also can design special solutions for new projects as well as retrofits.

As all these components work together, any combination of all of them up to a single system is possible without any problem - concerning both hardware as well as software. A central graphic control panel allows for the total supervision of complex systems.

Consultation, Planning, Design of new buildings and Retrofits

Experience technical sales staff with many years of experience in plant engineering will support you in the initial planning phases. Drawing on our extensive know-how concerning difficult to handle bulk materials, we can help you plan your new process plant or the modernization and retrofits to your existing facility. In a close cooperation with the design department we can offer you alternative solutions which we can discuss with you. These will be based on the latest state of the art technology and will be both functional and cost effective.

After customer approval, we will undertake all the detailed planning of the project and in conjunction with the customer the final design will be tailor made to suit their requirements. The close cooperation between the customer, our design department and manufacturing will guarantee, that all customer requests are considered and that a robust, practical solution based on our proven product range, will be developed.

As well as the design and supply of individual components, we are also available to our customer as a general contractor for complete systems. Many installations have been built world-wide by SHW-SHS project management. We have done pioneering work with innovative solutions especially in the woodworking and energy supply industries.


Motivated and well qualified staff forms the basis of all our high quality products. To continue to maintain this ambitious quality standard for the future, further advanced training for all the staff as well as the education of our apprentices, is an essential part of the company philosophy. Furthermore, investment in modern machinery is the prerequisite for precise execution and continuing quality.

According to the drawings approved by the customer the single components are manufactured in-house in Aalen, Germany. The complete production process will be supervised by our quality management according to the present industry standards such as DIN ISO 9001. Before the despatch of the components they will be assembled and checked under precise quality controlled conditions. Workshop inspection is also available for the customer.

Complete cooperation between all departments inside the company guarantee practical solutions. Moreover this dialogue between departments allows for the continuing improvements of our products.

Installation and Service - Worldwide

Experienced SHW-SHS technicians will install the individual equipment which leaves our factory as pre-assembled and quality controlled components. During final commissioning and in the first week of production we are on site and will instruct the customer's personnel in the operation and maintenance of the new installation.

A close contact to our customers and an extensive stock for spare parts guarantee that modifications and repairs of the installations will be carried out promptly and that downtime will be reduced to a minimum. Furthermore we have a service hotline which means that we can be contacted at any time, night or day. To keep the costs to our customers down and easily managed, we can offer a specific service contract to suit their requirements.

Necessary retrofit measures due to

  • a change in bulk material compositions

  • revised legal regulations

  • a changed software and control philosophy

can all be executed by us including all the necessary planning that may be required. It does not matter whether it concerns components from SHW-SHS or other manufacturers.

With almost 4,000 installations world-wide SHW is one of the world leaders for the handling and storage of bulk materials.

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Fields of application

Plant designs and installation components for:

  • Reception of bulk materials

  • Transport of bulk materials

  • Processing of bulk materials

  • Storing of bulk materials

  • Feeding of bulk materials

  • Discharge of bulk materials


The long-time experience gained in the handling of different bulk materials allows us to deliver reliable and efficient working installations.

SHW-SHS is one of the leading specialists for difficult to handle bulk materials offering proven solutions for different materials:

  • Wet and dry wood flakes

  • Sander dust

  • Bark

  • Diverse fuels

  • Cellulose

  • Filter cake

  • Fibres

  • Secondary and alternative fuels (EBS, BRAM, "yellow bag", SBS)

  • Paper waste

  • (REA-) gypsum

  • All kind of sludges (sewage sludge, industry sludge, coal sludge)

  • Domestic waste

  • Biomass

  • Animal meals etc.