Panel Board Strength


Laboratory Mechanical Board Strength Tester for Panel Boards

If the mechanical features of wood based panels deviate from nominal values, their usefulness to the customer will be limited. The reduction in the panel’s price and profits are the results.

With the panel testing system Labrob, the mechanical quality features of wood based panels can be easily and precisely determined. Measurement can be carried out according to European Standards (EN) or, for the measurement of internal bond strength, according to alternative testing methods. The alternative measuring methods supply the results within a few minutes.

The Labrob consists of the testing device and a visualization computer as evaluation unit. Optionally, all components can be arranged on an ergonomic laboratory working station. The testing device is of a modular design, i.e., the Labrob can be configured individually. A plexiglass safety hood covers the movable parts to protect the operator.

Testing Programs:

  • Internal bond strength (EN 319)
  • Bending strength (EN 310)
  • Modulus of elasticity (EN 310)
  • Delamination strength of surface layer (EN 319)
  • Raw density (EN 323) and alternative method
  • Size (EN 325) and alternative method
  • Screw holding capacity (EN 320)
  • Internal bond strength of grooved samples(quick alternative method)
  • Shear strength (quick alternative method)

In combination with other laboratory equipment, such as tanks and drying ovens, the following tests can also be carried out:

  • Thickness swell and water sorption (EN 317)
  • Moisture content (EN 322)
  • Boiling test (EN 1087)