The EXKOPMINI controller has been developed especially for applications with 1 to 2 quench valves.

Explosion Pressure, Spark and Flame Front Isolation in Feeding Lines

Two separate inputs such as bursting panels, Q-Rohr and spark detectors can be combined with two QV II valves. The use of the system is simple and works according to the one button, easy handling philosophy. As usual all events are recorded by storage ring memory.


Explosion Isolation


Feeding Lines


Design Characteristics

  • High speed capture of explosions.
  • Self-monitoring controller with plant data collection.
  • Activation of isolation mechanisms.
  • Up to 2 quench valves.
  • Modem-enabled systems analysis.
  • Connection with process control system via CAN-BUS interface*.


  • Engineered and Manufactured in Germany.
  • Quality and Certifications.
  • Besides quality and reliability, REMBE provides environment-friendly technologies and manufactured in accordance with international directives and guidelines.
  • All REMBE protection systems and devices are certified in accordance with ATEX 94/95EG and NFPA. Each individual batch (lot) is manufactured and tested in compliance with the requirements of EN 14797. Individual test certificates are supplied in accordance with EN 10204-3.1.