DAX 6000

GreCon DAX 6000 Density Analyzer

Laboratory raw density profile measurement with X-ray technology

The Laboratory Measuring System DAX 6000 conveniently measures the raw density profiles of wood based panels within seconds. The density profiles as well as the measured values are represented on a monitor and stored individually for each panel sample.

The high-precision measuring results are used to adapt the production process quickly.

Measuring Principle

Highly precise measurements can be carried out at a speed of up to 1 mm per second with the optimised measuring source, consisting of an x-ray combination. In combination with other measuring systems, the laboratory work can be even more effective and easy. All laboratory data obtained is evaluated and displayed in the visualisation of the DAX 6000.

Measuring Process

Measurement is carried out in only a few and simple steps. As a first step, the known production data of the panel samples is entered into the visualisation computer. This data is then allocated to the dimensional and weight values determined by means of the measuring caliper and the scale.

The sample holder, equipped with panel samples, is placed in the carrier and the measurement is started. Within a few seconds, the measured results are available in numerical and graphical form for further analysis. Reference measurements are carried out at regular intervals to obtain measuring results in a constantly high precision. For this purpose, the sample magazines are equipped with reference samples.