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Wear Resistant Metal Plates

Wear Resistant Metal Plates

Jul 1, 2022

WearTech Wear Plates

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Sectional Screw & Auger Flights

Sectional Screw & Auger Flights

Jun 1, 2022

WearTech Screw Flights

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Wear Resistant Metal Pipes

Wear Resistant Metal Pipes

May 1, 2022

WearTech Wear Pipes

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Wear Resistant Engineering Services

Wear Resistant Engineering Services

Apr 1, 2022

WearTech Engineering Services

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Dec 1, 2021

Evashred EV25E Security Shredder

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Nov 1, 2021

Evashred EV18HDS Security Shredder

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Welcome to WearTech

Wear Technology Sdn. Bhd.

wear /wɛː/
Noun: 2. damage or deterioration sustained from continuous use

(Oxford English Dictionary)


Wear Technology Sdn. Bhd. specializes in metallurgy, in particular hardfacing.

We help customers reduce the problems relating to the wear and tear of metal parts and components in heavy machineries and equipments by re-engineering it for prolonged usage.

Apart from hardfacing, we have grown to add range of industry’s leading solutions by working with internationally renowned and trusted solution providers to offer cutting-edge technologies from world class engineering leaders.


Our Products and Services includes:

WearTech ® — ① — Precision Screw Flights
Hardfacing Materials & Services
Bauer — ② — For a green world
Evashred — ③ — Static and mobile electric industrial shredders
FAN — ④ — Irrigation, separation and slurry technology
Gamma-Scout — ⑤ — α, β, γ & x-ray radiation survey meters
GreCon — ⑥ — Fire protection and quality control systems
Hammel — ⑦ — Recycling plants and industrial shredders
Multicracker — ⑧ — Grinding technology
Pallmann — ⑨ — Size reduction technology
Rembe — ⑩ — Explosion protection
Scheuch — ⑪ — Technologies for clean air
SHW — ⑫ — Storage and handling solutions
Vautid — ⑬ — Pioneer in wear protection since 1946
VKT — ⑭ — Wear resistant ceramics
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