Wear Resistant Materials

Vautid Hardfacing Materials

Fast and efficient onsite solution to wear problems

VAUTID deposition welding materials offer cost-efficient, lasting protection.

The unique VAUTID product portfolio ranges from wearproof deposition welding materials to composite wear plates to casting products – all offering first-rate protection for wear-susceptible parts in continuous abrasive operations.

VAUTID hardfacing materials are available in many different material specifications:

  • Hardfacing welding materials

  • Rust-free auxiliary welding materials

  • Auxiliary repair welding materials

  • Special materials

They are available as rod electrodes or cored wire electrodes.

Many different wear problems can be solved efficiently and quickly onsite with VAUTID deposition welding materials.

Typical applications for VAUTID deposition welding materials are coating of mixing tools, hardfacing excavator teeth, powder deposition welding of fan blades, and the hardfacing of equipment such as bucket chain excavators and breaking stars for sintering plants.

Hardfacing made easy

Abrasion basics

Rules for reducing wear

The 3 rules for successful hard deposition welding

The choice of the correct welding method

10 basic rules for deposition welding with VAUTID deposition welding material

Electrodes friendly to the environment

BGI 616

The smoke resulting from welding is injurious to health of the welder depending on composition, concentration and exposition time.

VAUTID offers rod electrodes for hardfacing which produce only 25% of the emission rate compared to others.

VAUTID deposition welding materials can be applied universally and in a short amount of time. They provide long-lasting, cost-efficient protection for high wear and-tear parts.



Concrete industry

Metallurgical industry

Cement industry

Coal-fired power stations

Quarries, sand and gravel works

Waste incineration

Mining and opencast mining

Recycling industry

Protection of the environmental

Glass industry


Asphalting industry

Fields of application

Typical applications for VAUTID deposition welding materials include:

  • Coating of mixing tools

  • Hardfacing of excavator teeth

  • Powder deposition welding of fan blades

  • Hardfacing of bucket chain excavators

  • Hardfacing of sinter crushers


  • VAUTID deposition welding materials can be applied quickly and are an especially efficient solution to a variety of wear problems on site.

  • In order to meet every requirement in every field of application perfectly, VAUTID deposition welding materials are available in a variety of material types, alloys and qualities.

  • These materials are available as stick electrodes or cored wire electrodes.