Spare parts and maintenance service

Binos spare parts and maintenance service

Milling · Turning · Welding · Sheet metal forming · Painting · Assembly

The company

BINOS is a global company. With its roots starting in the "BISON Werke" Company, it look back on the experience in building equipment for timber and mineral bonded panel industry of more than 70 years.

Since 1999 BINOS has been developing, planning, designing, manufacturing and assembling machines from individual components to complete production plants under the name “BINOS” in a team counting more than 80 employees.

Since mid 2001, BINOS have been offering services in contract manufacturing for parts and equipment according to customers’ drawings or specifications.

Yet attention is focused neither on small parts nor on large amounts: "We start where others have to stop."

BINOS's machine park and technical equipment allows for handling of up to 50 tonne heavy components and to process 8.3 x 1.25 x 2 m big parts (in one clamping- e.g. base frames).

"Our drive is our motivation"

Every customer and every project are attended to by individually. With tailor-made ideas created by people who have been working in this area for many years.

Personality, individuality and creative freedom stay in the foreground of work. This is the only way to offer you perfect services, on which you can rely also in the future...


Due to our mechanical equipment, experience and flexibility of our staff we are able to promptly process orders from third companies in addition to our internal orders.

Our specialization lies in building medium-size production lines and mechanical engineering.

We offer you following services and specialists:

  • cutting processing (milling, turning, drilling)

  • burning and welding

  • sheet metal forming and processing

  • painting

  • pipeline construction

  • switch cabinet construction

  • complete mounting including cabling, programming and start-up

Milling - Drilling - Grooving
BINOS Contract Manufacturing
  • Zayer drilling and milling machine with CNC

  • Toss drilling machine with CNC

  • Drilling machine with CNC

  • Conventional radial drilling machine

  • Deep drilling machine for pipes

BINOS Contract Manufacturing
  • Conventional machines

  • Drilling machine with CNC

  • Drilling machine with CNC

  • Carousel

Sheet metal forming
BINOS Contract Manufacturing
  • Cutting

  • Trimming press with control

  • Conventional trimming machine

  • Eccentric press

BINOS Contract Manufacturing
  • MIG, MAG and WIG welding

  • Bolt welding machine

  • Profile bending machine

BINOS Contract Manufacturing
  • Pre-treatment and painting

  • One and two component lacquers

  • Two painting areas with exhaustion and water separation in a separate painting hall

BINOS Contract Manufacturing
  • Mechanical assembly

  • Electrical assembly

  • Production hall

Upper part of the dosing bin

BINOS Contract Manufacturing

Side walls of the press (each 15 t)

BINOS Contract Manufacturing

Mounted pre-press

BINOS Contract Manufacturing

Switching flaps (material distribution)

BINOS Contract Manufacturing

Spike Roll

BINOS Contract Manufacturing

Preparation for painting (degreasing)

BINOS Contract Manufacturing

Assembly of components

BINOS Contract Manufacturing

Assembly of the sanding machine

BINOS Contract Manufacturing

Lower part of the sanding machine

BINOS Contract Manufacturing

Bearing seats

BINOS Contract Manufacturing

Piping and wiring

BINOS Contract Manufacturing

Start- up of the sanding machine

BINOS Contract Manufacturing