Binos Scalper

Increase material saving by optimizing distribution of material weight.

Removal of the material in traces

The BINOS Scalper has a positive impact on the weight of the spread particle or fibre mat per unit area by way of precisely calculated removal of the excess material before the press.

The separate Scalper segments consist of rotors driven by an electrical motor. The height of each rotor can be adjusted in such a way that all rotors are then able to cut an area or a single profile out of the spread material.

The removed material is then sucked in a conventional way and brought back in the spreading process. Thus not only the material consumption but also the board properties are optimized.

The material is removed according to the principle: as little as possible but as much as necessary.

Optimized adjustment

An X-ray scanner should be used for an optimal adjustment of the BINOS Scalper. The X-Ray scanner provides continuous measurements and the position of single rotors is regulated automatically depending on their results. The BINOS Scalper can be used either as a support or as an alternative to the existing scalping device.

The BINOS Scalper is supplied as a separate aggregate and integrated in the forming line between the existing scalping device and the press.

Applicable for any forming width

BINOS has restricted the trace width of each rotor to 100 mm in accordance with the dimensions of the board samples 100 x 100 mm used in the panel industry. Thus it is possible to process forming widths up to 5,000 mm with maximally 50 rotors.

Increase your potential with BINOS

Together with you BINOS will analyse the current status of the weight distributed per unit area in your boards of one or several thicknesses. For that purpose 10 x 10 cm samples will be measured together in a laboratory or whole boards will be scanned and analysed in an appropriate measuring device.

Based on the determined data BINOS will guarantee a minimal expected improvement which can be achieved due to the use of the BINOS Scalper.

Test the BINOS Scalper

BINOS Scalper

Please visit BINOS's R&D plant with the BINOS Scalper and the GreCon Dieffensor in Springe to fully appreciate the advantages.

We will be glad to show operation using your material. Alternatively we can also demonstrate our mobile Scalper in your production line.

We can implement your requirements within a short period of time.