Secondary Shredders

Hammel Secondary Shredders

Want it smaller? Our fast veracious shredder

Hammel secondary shredders efficiently reduce materials to desired size.

The HAMMEL Secondary Shredders enables energy-saving and efficient processing of different pre-shredded materials like waste wood, pallets, cable drums and railroad sleepers. biomass, paper rolls and tetra pack rolls down to a grain size of approximately 50 - 150 mm.

Metal particles are almost completely removed through the integrated ferrous and non-ferrous separating unit. The finished clean end product can either be used for incineration or as a secondary raw material in the woodworking industry.

Together with the HAMMEL Primary Shredder, the HAMMEL Secondary Shredder form an efficient complete system for processing large volume and bulky material to a grain size that allows a high quality processing. The optimal combination of low energy consumption and high efficiency is the centre of attention when building an economical plant.

Rotor systems

The HAMMEL Secondary Shredder work with two different shredding systems - with a knife rotor in wood applications and with an eccentric rotor for metal applications. The choice of the screen basket defines the size of the final product, which enables a high quality further processing.

Separating metals

The automatic metal deposition is continuously adjustable and is done by a metal detector and discharge chute. The metal detector is installed at the conveyor belt, and controls a discharge flap, which is installed either at the end of the belt, or before the transfer to the secondary shredder.

Spoilt for choice

The HAMMEL Secondary Shredders is available with either a powerful diesel engine or alternatively with electric drive. It is also available as mobile or stationary units, depending on the requirements

Together with the HAMMEL Primary Shredder, the HAMMEL Secondary Shredder forms a powerful complete plant.


Secondary Shredders

NZS 700

NZS 1000

HEM 1250

Fields of application

Depending on the models, the HAMMEL Secondary Shredders process pre-shredded materials such as:

  • Waste wood

  • Mixed wood

  • Root stems

  • Green waste

  • Railway sleepers

  • Pallets

  • Cable drums

  • Paper rolls

  • Car bodies

  • Aluminum profiles and bales

  • Engine blocks

  • White goods

  • light metal scrap


  • Energy-saving and efficient shredding defined aggregate

  • User-friendly

  • Mobility

  • Customization by mobile and stationary units

  • Uniform end-product

  • Minimal fines

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metal separation

  • High performance

  • Low wear

  • Low energy consumption

  • Screwed tools

  • Quick and easy maitenance

  • Knives and screen basket are useable both-sides