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GreCon BS 7 Press Protection

Protection for Hot Presses

In the production processes of wood based panels, different inflammable materials, such as chips, fibres, glue, paraffin or even oil, represent danger sources that can only be controlled by additional physical protection measures, such as fine water spray systems.

A modern system for the detection of press fires has to be capable of detecting fires in the main danger areas early and reliably to immediately activate extinguishment systems there, but also for the entire press. The fires occurring during running production have to be fought directly in the place of detection. As a fire might spread quickly within the press, an automatic extinguishing process is to be preferred to a manual fire fighting facility. The GreCon press extinguishment offers both alternatives.

Through the integration of the extinguishing events, registered by the spark extinguishing system, in the total press protection concept, necessary extinguishing measures can be taken quickly. The integration of spark detection in the exhaust pipes of the press inlet and/or outlet makes an early fire detection possible, as it has not yet been realised on the market.

The operators of hot presses with spark detection in the exhaust pipes report that sparks are detected only minutes before the fire detection is activated. Fire events are smaller resulting in the use of lower quantities of extinguishing water. Less extinguishing water means shorter standstill times after a successful extinguishment. With the GreCon central fire alarm system - which is approved by VdS - with integrated extinguishment function it is possible to activate press extinguishing measures manually or automatically.

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