Binos Combi-System

Two in one: Manufacturing particle boards and OSB / OPB. Change your line within hours!

Manufacturing particle boards and OSB / OPB.

Innovation based on experience:

BINOS offers modification to change old particle board plants to the new BINOS Combi-System for the production of particle boards and OSB / OPB boards.

The BINOS Combi-System allows production of two various products - OSB / OPB and particle board - on the same line.

After the modifications, you will be able to produce particle boards or OSB/OPB on the existing particle board system with a total change-over time of less than 12 hours.

You can react fast to actual or seasonal market requests!


The secret of the system is a patented BINOS Combi-Former, which includes two systems:

  • the well known wind former / gravimetric former for particle boards

  • and a roller bed for OSB / OPB.

Some facts

BINOS Combi-System

The investment for a new BINOS Combi-System line is only 15 to 20 % higher compared to a new conventional single particle board line due to only few additional required components:

  • flaker

  • screening

  • glue system

  • BINOS Combi-Former for large surface flakes (flake length 90 mm)

The modification of existing particle board lines is possible and the upgrade of existing particle board lines in old facilities is usually possible.