Binos Plants and Machines

Panel Process Systems - Panels are our passion, our machines the solution

Confidence and competence through   years of building machines for the wood industry.

BINOS supplies machinery and plants for the production of high quality boards made of wood, wood wastes, alternative materials called agrifibre, compounds and cement.

Apart from designing and building of new plants, BINOS specializes in upgrading Medium Density Fibreboards (MDF), High Density Fibreboards (HDF), Particleboards, Oriented Strand Boards (OSB), Oriented Particle Boards (OPB), wood fibre insulation boards, thermoplastic materials, and Gypsum Bonded Particleboards plants.

Strength lies in the technology, development, automation and support. This includes installation, commissioning and training. Ongoing research and development ensures that the technological leadership are reflected, with all benefits translated, and enjoyed in each and every single BINOS machinery and plants commissioned for the customers.

BINOS machinery and plants are low emission and environmentally friendly. Low energy, glue and raw material consumption are our innovations which we offer our customers to protect our environment.

Plant engineering and machines

Decades of experience in plant engineering, the manufacture of wood working machinery and plants:

Production of high quality boards made of wood, composites and mineral compounds

BINOS have built numerous plants for the production of Particleboards, MDF, HDF, OSB and OPB boards, facade boards as well as insulation boards all over the world. BINOS has developed a production line for resilient flooring or thermoplastic products. Resilient flooring, such as PVC, is becoming more and more popular as an alternative for wooden flooring.

Spare parts and maintenance for your machines

BINOS offers maintenance and repair services to ensure reliability, availability, maximum service life, minimum wear and steady good production results.

If you need a spare part, BINOS will determine the source of defect or advise you on the choice of a suitable exchange product. BINOS offers you:

  • Status analysis

  • Preventive measures

  • Procurement strategy

  • Analysis of error and troubleshooting

  • Spare parts supply

  • Overhauling and repair

BINOS develops, plans, manufactures and puts into operation machine components, single machines and complete turnkey manufacturing plants for the timber and mineral bonded panel industry throughout the world.


Production Lines

  Ultra Flex

  Ultra Line

  Ultra PB

  MDF / HDF Line

  Facade Production


  Ultra Scraper

  Ultra Press

  Calender Press

  Ultra Former



  Wind Forming with Patented Roller Bed

  Glue Blending and Dosing Systems


Service and Engineering



Spare parts and maintenance service

  Mechanical Installation


Fields of application

Plant engineering and machinery for the production of high quality boards using:

  • Wood

  • Composites

  • Wood and mineral compounds

Spare parts and maintenance service


  • Custom designed

  • Technologically advanced

  • High efficiency

  • Low energy consumption

  • Low glue consumption

  • Low raw material consumption

  • Low emission

  • Decades of experience

  • Worldwide experience